Alma Mater Europaea Selects New Curating Students and Their Leadership for the 2019/2020 Academic Year

During the first joint meeting on Tuesday, 15 October 2019, curating students of Alma Mater Europaea chose their new leadership. They expressed gratitude for the successful and well-coordinated work to the previous head of curators Nastja Čelan. Alen Kapel, a PhD student of the Physiotherapy programme, was chosen as the new leader. His deputy is a student of the Social Gerontology study programme, Monika Slapnik. Mateja Kozic, a student of the Physiotherapy study programme, was appointed as the general secretary of curators.

The tradition of curating has been implemented at Alma Mater Europaea for many years. Curating students motivate, listen, advise, help and guide fellow students. More information about curating practice in educational institutions of Slovenia can be found here.

Curators and representatives of Master’s degree programmes