Admission to Universities in Slovenia: How to Save Time and Efforts

Realizing the advantages of studying abroad, today more and more school leavers from the CIS countries are thinking about entering European, in particular, Slovenian universities. Taking into account the fact that it is possible to become a student in Slovenia without entrance examinations, many applicants think that it is a little thing to decide on a study programme and submit documents. Sometimes they suddenly find themselves in an unpleasant situation threatening their enrolment.

We often received applications from people, who tried to enter Slovenian universities themselves, but were not accepted, and eventually lost a whole year. It happened because they just saw a study programme, the description of which seemed interesting to them, and, without an adequate assessment of their chances for admission, they sent applications to the enrolment commissions,” explains Alexandr Polyakov, director of 2TM company.

Foreign applicants have the opportunity to apply for various study programmes in Slovenian universities. However, it is important not just to choose a programme in the applicant’s sphere of interest, but also to choose options that would guarantee a one hundred percent enrollment. Unfortunately, foreign applicants cannot always correctly navigate this issue, because they do not have all the necessary information and simply do not know where to receive it.

Our experts are aware of all the existing study programmes in Slovenian universities and colleges, so they can quickly and accurately determine which institution can accept the entrant and, on the contrary, application to which institutions may end in failure,” Alexandr Polyakov says.

In addition, there is a number of nuances that are difficult for an entrant to take into account by contrast with the experts, who have many years of experience in the field of foreign education. For example, the deadline for accepting applications in all educational institutions in Slovenia is different, and it is important to monitor information promptly so as not to miss the start of a new round of enrolment.

The experts of our company save customers from these complexities: they themselves send out applications in accordance with the established deadlines. As a result, while an applicant is taking final exams at school, we are engaged in his or her enrollment to a Slovenian university,” Alexandr Polyakov says. At the same time, she emphasizes that the support of 2TM customers is not limited to the stage of admission to educational institutions. The company also assists in receiving a residence permit, and does not leave its clients during the entire period of study. Therefore, if a student has any difficulties, the company’s experts will always provide him or her with the necessary support.

It is necessary to recognize that the process of entering a Slovenian university for a foreign applicant for all its seeming simplicity is actually not so simple. However, if you trust the experts, you can be sure of a positive result, but at the same time save energy and time.

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