Academia Maribor Is a Partner of the Erasmus+ Project: Embracing Modular Innovation in Construction – Getting Education Modernised

The City of Glasgow College, Scotland hosted the kick-off meeting of the Erasmus+ project participants to prepare new training materials in alternative construction methods. This project aims to modernize the off-site and modular (OSM) construction advanced vocational education & training (AVET). To this end, the project develops an innovative teaching model and competency system for sharing best practices and approaches, achieving common benchmarking indicators and standardizing teacher training. Particular attention will be paid to the digitization of key processes, as well as key agendas, including decarburization, increased energy and resource efficiency, workplace safety and diversification of the workforce.

Investing in a transnational network of specialists in this field makes it possible to accelerate a Pan-European response to the needs of the construction industry in education and professional skills. The following project objectives are defined: 1) developing an innovative model of training and competencies based on a preliminary overview of the EU landscape in modular construction; 2) attracting about 2,000 students; 3) providing open online educational resources (jointly developed by partners) to support AVET specialists, including general teachers and webinars available in the languages of the participating countries; 4) raising awareness of the implementation of modular construction practices, particularly among SMEs and micro-businesses.

The project is implemented until February 2022. Its budget is 312,936 euros. Project partners are City of Glasgow College, (UK); Academia Maribor College of Vocational Education (Slovenia); CPU Centre for Business Education (Slovenia); Landesberufsschule Pinkafeld (Austria); European Institute for Innovative Technologies (Germany); Holzbau Baden-Württemberg Bildungszentrum (Germany); CIFP Construccion Bizkaia (Spain); and Building Innovation Centre of Scotland (UK).