Academia Maribor College Launches the Adobe Certified Associates Examination Centre

An exclusive examination centre, the only one in the country – Pearson Certiport Adobe Certified Associates – has been opened at the Academia Maribor College of Vocational Education.

The Academia Maribor College will organise classical and online seminars and exams to receive the ACA certificate for individuals and groups. Working language is English. In the case of group completion, intensive classical seminars lasting 50 training hours will be organised to prepare for a specific ACA exam. Academia Maribor, in collaboration with LinkedIn Learning, also conducts online seminars to prepare for a specific ACA exam. All participants of classical and online seminars have the opportunity to prepare for the ACA exam and pass a mock exam.

Participation in seminars and exams for students and graduates of the College is free. From March 2019, students and graduates of the Media Production programme can take 3 ACA exams free of charge, the cost of which (290 EUR) is included in the previously paid tuition fee.

After receiving three ACA certificates, an applicant may qualify for Adobe Certified Associate Specialist – Video, Visual Design, or Web Design. This qualification is a proof of the Adobe software package knowledge.

It is worth noting that the Academia Maribor College is the only Slovenian educational institution that is part of the European Commission on Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition.

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