A Student of the University of Maribor Wins Two Gold and One Bronze Medals at the National Universiade for Swimming

Tamara Govejšek, a student of the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies of the University of Maribor, won two gold and one bronze medals at the National Universiade for Swimming.

The competition was held in the Ljubljana Tivoli swimming pool on Saturday, 17 March 2018. The organiser of the Universiade was traditionally the Slovenian University Sports Union (SUSA). 32 students took part in the competition.

The Universiade was held in four disciplines: 50 m front crawl, 50 m dolphin kick, 50 m freestyle and 50 m back crawl. Tamara Govejšek celebrated her victory in freestyle and dolphin kick, and won bronze in back crawl.

The competition was held according to the rules of the Swimming Federation of Slovenia.

The 22-year-old Kristjan Meža (Ljubljana University, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies, PK Velenje Club) showed the best individual result among all participants of the Universiade having won 4 medals: gold in freestyle, back crawl and dolphin kick and also silver in front crawl.

The National Universiade for Swimming took place under the auspices of the Student Organization of Slovenia, the Sports Department, the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, the STA Potovanja travel agency and the EkipaSN sports weekly.

More information about the competition can be read here.

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