A Student of the DOBA Faculty Prepares the Best Presentation for Lidl Slovenija

The best presentation for Lidl Slovenija on the Event Management subject (teacher: master Natalie Postružnik) was prepared by a student of the Bachelor’s degree programme on Entrepreneurship from the DOBA Faculty, Nine Breskvar Ogorevec. Her project was presented at the Slovenian Advertising Festival held in mid-April 2018.

Based on the project plan and budget prepared by Lidl Slovenija, students used pitching[*] method to formulate the idea, prepare all elements of the event project and present in details its financial justification.

The commission, which included representatives of Lidl Slovenija and the teacher Natalie Postružnik, chose the best presentation.

In addition to the excellent evaluation, the winner received the right to participate free of charge in the current Slovenian Advertising Festival.

Source: fakulteta.doba.si

[*] Pitching is a brief presentation of the project in order to find investors who are ready to finance it.