A Student from the Ljubljana Gymnasium Develops an Electronic Microchip That Enhances the Children’s Safety on Transport

A student from the Middle Vocational School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and the Ljubljana Gymnasium, a scholarship holder of the Inventive Youth Fund, a participant of the Flare project, Andrei Morozov, has developed an electronic microchip that, in his opinion, has a large market potential.

The young man has been interested in computers and electrical engineering from early childhood. At the age of 12, he began to study programming languages completely independently, without the help of his parents, mentors or teachers. At the age of 13, Andrei designed and helped launch the website of an online store for a Russian company. Due to this fact, at the age of 13, a schoolboy opened his own website design studio.

He became a scholarship holder of the Inventive Youth Fund thanks to his idea of a Flare microchip, which ensures the children’s safety on transport. In the process of implementing the idea and assembling the digital device, the young Russian was assisted by employees of the Zavod 404 centre.

According to Andrei Morozov, the device works like a GPS. With the help of a special application, parents can track the current location of their child wearing an electronic Flare microchip. Parents can choose the necessary location in advance, and when a child enters, for example, a school or comes home, the device alerts them with an audible signal, vibration or some other notification.

The body of the device is made of special plastic, which reflects the rays of light, and inside there is an electronic circuit. The materials are mainly supplied from Germany and the USA, depending on the component.

Working with the Flare Group, Andrei has realised that managing people is a difficult task, as well as creating a business plan for product marketing. In this area, the boy is assisted by the staff of the Inventive Youth Fund, for which he is grateful to them, as well as to his sponsor Nova Ljubljanska banka paying him a scholarship each month, thanks to which he can partially cover the costs for project development.

According to Andrei Morozov, in the long term, he intends to continue his engagement in business and development of business ideas. He may have a large online studio soon, which will not be limited to Slovenia. Most of all, Andrey is attracted to the world of electrical engineering, but he understands that acquired entrepreneurial skills can bring him great benefits in the future.

Source: dnevnik.si