A Research Monograph by Members of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation and Architecture of the University of Maribor Is Published in New York

Nova Science Publishers, Inc., New York, has published a collective research monograph on An Interdisciplinary Approach towards Academic Education on Sustainable Building Design. The monograph was written by Miroslav Premrov, Vesna Žegarac Leskovar, Vanja Skalitsky Klemenčič, Maja Žigart, Marko Renčelj and other faculty members.

Photo: The monograph presents an interdisciplinary approach towards academic education on sustainable building design/pixabay/Inactive account – ID 3844328

The monograph presents an interdisciplinary approach towards academic education on sustainable building design. In addition to classical training in the form of courses, the authors emphasise the transfer of knowledge through student workshops, rationalisation projects and other activities aimed at enhancing the active and effective academic learning.

The publication consists of six chapters. The first chapter describes the general aspect of an integrative approach to education in a sustainably organised environment based on the experience of an interdisciplinary course. The second chapter presents an exhaustive set of design criteria for the urban environment to create residential neighbourhoods and emphasises the role of open spaces and green spaces, which significantly improve the quality of life. The third chapter is dedicated to sustainable transport linked to the living environment with an emphasis on an interdisciplinary approach. The fourth chapter presents the inclusion of energy-efficient building design with integrated use of new digital technologies such as information and energy modelling of buildings. The fifth chapter describes the main types of wooden structures, gives a sustainable perspective on the design of modern prefabricated wooden structures with the further development of multi-storey modular structures with an increased glazing area. The final, sixth, chapter is a graphical summary of the interdisciplinary seminar projects, which demonstrates the complexity of developing and considering the diverse interdisciplinary principles of sustainable planning.

Source: fgpa.um.si