A Reception Is Held for Foreign Students Studying Under Exchange Programmes at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana

On 12-14 February 2020, the Department of International Cooperation organised a reception for foreign students who will spend the summer semester as part of the exchange and double degree programmes at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana. In the current semester, the Faculty accepts 196 students from 32 countries.

The majority of these students represent France (46) followed by students from Germany (37). Students study on an exchange basis under various study programmes. Erasmus students still prevail followed by students studying on the basis of interdepartmental and interstate agreements.

Together with the SEBuddies group of student volunteers, the Faculty prepared various seminars and lectures for foreign students, during which they got acquainted with the faculty, student life, Slovenian culture and language. In addition, international students presented their countries at the International Dinner in the lobby between the Great Hall and the Small Hall on Thursday, 13 February 2020, where they could taste dishes of different cuisines around the world.

On weekends, students got acquainted with the sights of Slovenia, visited the Slovenian coast in the Kras region, in Bled and Bohinj.

Source: efnet.si