A Project on Popularization of the Country’s Culinary Heritage Is Implemented under Participation of the Maribor University Tourism Faculty

On Thursday, 30 August 2018, from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., the results of the project “Creative Way to Knowledge – Chasing the Sevniški Krožnik: Culinary Heritage as the Driving Force for the Sustainable Development of Tourism in the Municipality of Sevnica” were presented in the Ajdovec Hotel restaurant (Sevnica, Trg Svobode, 1). The project, which has been implemented since April this year, was developed by students of the University of Maribor’s Tourism Faculty: Helena Horvat, Marko Ogorelc, Ines Mlakar, Maja Vodišek, Nika Kramžar, Tamara Golavšek, and students of the University of Maribor’s Logistics Faculty: Joži Močivnik and Mihael Medved supported by the faculties mentors: Assis. Prof. Dr. Jasno Potočnik Topler (project leader) and Prof. Dr. Andrej Lisc, as well as by technical manager Sabina Lokar (Domačija Repovž Cafe).

The aim of the project is to cook Sevniški Krožnik in various variants, including using a typical local drink that corresponds to a set of ingredients for Krožnik, in order to include the product in the tourist offer and combine the efforts of tourism services providers.

Sevniški Krožnik is a typical dish of the municipality of Sevnica made from local seasonal ingredients, which could be presented in different versions from various suppliers of tourism services. If a guest, for example, wants to try something typically local, he could be offered a Sevniški Krožnik, which, of course, will differ depending on the time of the year and the suppliers.

The closing ceremony will take place in Sevnica. During the ceremony, the residents of the municipality, guests and journalists will be shown and offered to try different variants of the Sevniški Krožnik dish. In addition to the project team members, the event organisers invite representatives of the Department for Cultural Affairs, Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy (Director: Mojca Pernovšek), municipality of Sevnica, Domačija Repovž Cafe and Maribor University’s Faculty of Tourism.

Read more about the project at ft.um.si

Sponsors: The Republic of Slovenia and the European Union (European Social Fund).

Source: ft.um.si