A Possibility of Cooperation Between Leading Companies and Academic Environment Is Discussed in the Škofja Loka Educational Centre

On Thursday, 24 January 2019, the TOP Industrijski izziv event was held at the Škofja Loka Educational Centre, which aimed to promote the cooperation between the country’s leading companies and the academic environment for the successful introduction of advanced technologies in production. A strategic partnership programme SRIP Tovarne prihodnosti was presented as part of the event.

Besides, clusters and areas of SRIP ToP, technological solutions for the smart factory, a successful partnership of science and economy (using the example of Domel), and a competence model for future personnel were demonstrated. The Škofja Loka Educational Centre presented the apprenticeship experience as its success story.

According to the Head of the SRIP ToP Centre, Rudi Panjtar, this is a long-term public-private partnership that brings together representatives from the economy sector, research organizations, government agencies, non-governmental organisations, and other interested parties.

It should be added that Slovenia currently has 9 partnerships on strategic development and innovation coordinated by the Jožef Stefan Institute. The SRIP ToP Centre established as part of the Institute will act as an intermediary between business and academic environment, promoting the exchange of knowledge and experience, as well as the creation of new products, services and technologies for the factories of the future. The SRIP ToP Centre will also help Slovenian companies enter the global market, focusing on niche industries, to provide them with the status of an important European supplier.

Source: gorenjskiglas.si