A New Study Confirms that Slovenia Remains Attractive for Austrian Investments

Almost 90% of Austrian entrepreneurs believe that in 2018 Slovenia will remain an attractive country for investment. Almost one-fifth of representatives of Austrian companies forecast the expansion of working personal in Slovenia, a third of entrepreneurs plan to increase revenues. Three quarters of respondents believe that the introduction of practically oriented vocational education (dual system) within Slovenian educational institutions will increase the added value of their business. This was reported by the Austrian Embassy in Ljubljana that includes an official representative of Austrian business – Advantage Austria Ljubljana. It annually holds more than 30 thematic events in order to strengthen economic cooperation between Slovenia and Austria.

The results of surveys conducted in recent years show that Austrian companies are very pleased with the quality and level of workers training in Slovenia, and also appreciate the reliability of local suppliers.

Currently, about 700 companies and enterprises with majority Austrian capital operate in Slovenia. These companies employ more than 20 thousand people. The areas, in which Slovenia’s and Austria’s cooperation can develop, include the automotive industry, the logistics, the 4.0 industry, the food industry and the congress tourism.

Last year, the direct investments of Austrian companies in the Slovenian economy amounted to 3.2 billion euros, which is 24.7% of all direct foreign investment in Slovenia. Austrian companies operate in virtually all sectors of the economy. The majority of them are market leaders.

The key competitive advantage of Slovenia in the process of attracting foreign investment is its geostrategic position and established logistical links with regional and European markets. Luka Koper is considered the most important port for the Austrian economy, as noted in the representation.

According to the Head of Advantage Austria Ljubljana, Peter Hasslacher, in global understanding, Slovenes, with an annual indicator of 1,700 euros per capita, are the largest consumers of Austrian goods and services. Last year, Austria exported to Slovenia goods worth 2.9 billion euros, which is 10% more than in 2016. The volume of imports from Slovenia amounted to 1.9 billion euros, which is 9.4% more than in 2016.

Source: krog.sta.si