A New Official Profession of Aromatherapist Appears in Slovenia

The National Database of Accredited Qualifications (certification system implemented by the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Policy and Equal Opportunities) of Slovenia has a new entry – aromatherapist. Due to this fact, aromatherapists can now receive official recognition and certification of their knowledge and skills. For qualification of an aromatherapist, a secondary vocational education is required. There are no other special conditions, so anyone can master this profession.

Aromatherapist is a specialist who uses aromatic (essential) oils to treat various diseases. Aromatherapy is usually referred to as alternative medicine. Aromatic oils are introduced to the human body through the respiratory tract and skin. There are several methods of aromatherapy: aromatic massage, compresses with essential oils, aromatic cosmetics, aromatic baths, inhalations with aromatic oils, etc.

Aromatherapist can work in several directions: private clinics; cosmetology cabinets of beauty salons (aesthetic cosmetology); shops selling essential oils, as well as holding study courses in Aromatherapy.

Source: siol.net