A New Family Recreation Park Is Launched in Ljubljana

The Muste family recreation park was opened in Ljubljana. The new park connects the micro-districts of Nove Fužine and Štepanjsko naselje. The name of the park leads its history from the Franciscan cadastre of Krajina (1823–1869) and is the oldest name of the city district recorded in written sources.

The area of the new park is 1 hectare. Among other things, there is a playground for children, including the physically disabled. In the northern part of the park, there is a city garden, which has become the fourth one in Ljubljana. It has 64 fruit trees — old varieties of apple, pear, quince and plum. They were planed by the employees of MSD, Inovativna zdravila d.o.o. All park visitors will be able to eat fruit that grow on these trees. An alley of 14 park trees is located nearby. The park also features a parking zone for people with disabilities, which is connected to the children’s playground by a pedestrian walkway.

The spacious and convenient park has already pleased residents of the above mentioned and neighbouring microdistricts of the city as an excellent place for active and quality leisure.

It should be noted that the park concept was developed in 2015. The budget of the park project involved 431,000 EUR.

Source: ljubljana.si