A New Bus Route from Ljubljana to the Airport of Venice

Starting from 26 July 2018, the Airport of Venice, the settlement of Šempeter pri Gorici and Ljubljana will be connected by a regular bus service. The buses will go in both directions five times a day.

The routes Venice – Ljubljana and Ljubljana – Venice have one stop in the territory of Slovenia—in the settlement of Šempeter pri Gorici. In Italy, the bus will go straight to the Marco Polo Airport in Venice and the Canova Airport in the nearby town of Treviso.

The schedule of the new comfortable buses will be adapted to the schedule of flight arrivals to the airports of Venice and Treviso.

The initial fare for a one-way ticket is 18 EUR. Until the end of August this year, a beneficial price of 9 EUR for a one-way ticket will be valid.

The passenger transport operator is the Slovenian company Nomago.

Sources: siol.net, shuttle.nomago.si