A New Bicycle Park to Be Opened in Fužine District of Ljubljana

A new bicycle park will be opened in Fužine district of Ljubljana near the local basic school Nove Fužine. Its area will be 1,850 m2, 710 m2 of which will be occupied by an asphalted bicycle polygon. The park will be opened in the Rusjanov Square (in Slovene: Rusjanov Trg). Its territory will be equipped with benches and garbage bins. New trees will be planted.

The municipality of the city has announced a corresponding tender to choose the contractor. The funds for opening the bicycle park will be allocated from the tourist fee payments provided for the improvement of the tourist infrastructure.

To date, the city has two comfortable bicycle parks in the Šiška and Bežigrad districts. In the future, it is planned to develop another bicycle park in the Vič district near the local Interspar supermarket.

Source: dnevnik.si