A Master’s Degree Student of the Ljubljana University Economics Faculty to Complete an Internship within the Adecco Management as the Winner of the CEO For One Month project

27-year-old Rok Štemberger, a Master of Biochemistry and a Master’s Degree Student of the Ljubljana University Economics Faculty with a degree in Organization and Management, won the CEO For One Month project implemented by Adecco. His candidacy was selected among more than 700 applicants. Within a month (June – July), he will work as the Executive Director together with the Director General of Adecco Slovenija, Miro Smrekar, and adopt experience of working in a managerial position. In particular, Rok will accompany the Head of the Company at meetings, various business activities and during office work, thus, getting an opportunity to get acquainted with the activities of the international company from the inside.

The CEO For One Month project allows young talents to try their hand at the position of director even before their first employment. Therefore, they actually gain experience in managing a company, which is an invaluable factor for starting a career. During the competitive selection, applicants tried their hand at solving two practical tasks (group and individual) and demonstrated the skills to cooperate, lead, invent, communicate and act. Psychological tests allowed Adecco Slovenija staff to assess the general abilities of applicants, personality types, professional interests and attitudes toward leadership work. Besides, a commission of five people interviewed applicants individually.

Adecco Slovenija recruits its employees according to the following principle: “can do, will do, will fit”, which can be interpreted as follows: a candidate has certain knowledge, has a motivation and can participate in teamwork. Thus, a future employee must possess the relevant knowledge, skills and experience. Attitude to work is also very important – vailability of motivation and purposefulness, as well as personal compliance with the working environment.

Source: efnet.si