A Graduate of the University of Ljubljana and the University of Nova Gorica Develops an Electric Unmanned Sky-Taxi Project

A graduate of the University of Ljubljana and the University of Nova Gorica, an associate professor of physics at the University of Nova Gorica, Dr. Gregor Veble Mikić, works for the American company Joby Aviation as a specialist in aerodynamics and aerophysics. Dr. Gregor Veble Mikić is one of the leading scientists of the Silicon Valley, working on an innovative draft of an unmanned sky-taxi. He is developing a project of an electric unmanned sky-taxi, which, after a one-time charge of batteries, can fly for 240 kilometres. It is assumed that a sky-taxi will be able to carry 4 people for one flight. The task of the project is simple to help billions of people save travel time.

In February 2018, the American company Joby Aviation, according to its representatives, received 100 million dollars of fresh investment capital to the implementation of high-tech projects. According to the Slovenian scientist, so far it is a question of short air transportation of people between cities within a radius of 100 kilometres.

On the market of small-sized air vehicles, the monopoly companies are Boeing, Bell, Embraer and Airbus. Now just one small thing is lacking — targeted investment. Safety and reliability of electric motors (in comparison with internal combustion engines) makes the prospect of producing sky-taxis more and more tangible. According to experts, this is a matter of the next few years.

Gregor Veble Mikić says that thanks to the use of exclusively electricity, sky-taxi flight will resemble the sound of a flying swarm of bees, that is it will be virtually noiseless. Thus, the rational use of time and space without compromising the environment and health is a key determinant of investment attractiveness of the project.

Source: m.delo.si