A Call for Participation in the Student Photo Contest Podnebna Pot

The Jožef Stefan Institute and the National Geographic Slovenija magazine organize a student photo contest Podnebna Pot. The first prize is an electric S-Bike F50e, the second prize is a scooter, and the third prize is a longboard[*].

Photos will be accepted until 1 May 2018. Authors aged 15 to 29 can participate in the contest. One participant may submit three photographs, each being accompanied with a brief description of the photographed object. Photos should be sent to natecaj@podnebnapot2050.si or through Instagram with a hashtag #podnebnapot.

The subject of the contest is related to the reduction of human influence on the climate change, such as transport (cycling, municipal transport), use of renewable energy sources, energy-efficient environmentally friendly technologies, etc.

The contest committee, consisting of the Head of the Jožef Stefan Institute, Professor Jadran Lenarčič, photographer Arne Hodalič and representative of the Life ClimatePath2050 project Katarina Trstenjak, will select the photos. Rules of the contest and useful advice on choosing a topic can be read here.

Sources: soup.si, soup.si

[*] Longboard is a board on wheels, similar to a skateboard, and designed for simple and comfortable boarding around the city, as well as for performing various tricks and downhilling.