A Big Animal Shelter to Be Built in Ljubljana by 2020

In July this year, the municipality of Ljubljana started construction of a new shelter for homeless animals Gmajnice. Until 2020, it is planned to build a large-scale shelter for homeless animals with its veterinary department, administrative building, cages for dogs and cats, a warehouse, a service facility with a cleaner, a mini power station and a waste room.

The territory of the shelter will also have training facilities, in which specialists in homeless animal care will be trained and appropriate educational activities for the general public will be held.

The work budget is 6.7 million euros. The contractor is ANDE d.o.o.

The current Ljubljana shelter, which was last renovated in 2002, contains today a quarter of all homeless animals in the country. According to its employees, the shelter operates strictly in accordance with international standards. In particular, it does not apply the practice of euthanasia (except for cases of deadly diseases).

Source: siol.net