A 400-Year-Old Building in Radovljica Becomes a Popular Boutique Hotel

Tourism in Radovljica is actively developing thanks to the proximity of Bled. The number of hotel facilities increases fast. At the same time, the municipality seeks to develop boutique tourism. An example of good practice is the Linhart Boutique Hotel in the historical centre of Radovljica.

The hotel is named after the playwright, poet, historian and enlightener Anton Tomaž Linhart – one of the most famous residents of the city. The hotel has been operating for less than 2 years, but it is already popular, especially among Italian tourists. It was opened in a renovated 17th century building. The repair of the building facade was co-financed by the municipality.

The launch of the hotel cost its owners, Peter and Helena Kolarič, approximately half a million euros. Experts from the School of Restoration included Linhart among the 17 best qualitatively restored objects of national cultural heritage.

It should be noted that tourism in Radovljica has been in its heyday in the recent years. Last year, 126,278 tourists visited the city – an 18% increase as compared to 2017. The number of overnight stays over the last year increased by 10% and reached 282,114. In 2018, 141 hotel facilities operated in the municipality of Radovljica, while in 2017, there were only 94 of them.

Currently, Slovenia is actively developing boutique tourism, green tourism and sustainable tourism, and the activity of such hotels as Linhart is a good example of this practice.

Source: dnevnik.si