The Municipality of Celje Repairs Educational Institutions

Kindergartens and schools are being renovated in the municipality of Celje. The major repairs, in particular, are carried out in the Celje Gymnasium with an area of about 22 thousand square metres. The Gymnasium has 3,400 students. According to its headmaster Igor Dosedle, the construction of the second extension to the gymnasium building will begin in early autumn 2019. The extension will have an area of 800 square metres. The budget is about 1 million euros.

In the Celje Centre Gymnasium, the basement is being completely renovated. The works include waterproofing of walls, repair of sewer network, replacement of electrical wiring and lighting.

Basic schools and kindergartens are also being renovated in Celje. In the Mavrica branch of Anica Černejeva’s kindergarten, the kitchen and utility rooms are being renovated. The cost of works exceeds 213 thousand euros. An outdoor children’s playground is being improved at the Hribček branch of Anica Černejeva’s kindergarten and at the Fran Kranjc Basic School. The work budget is 65 thousand euros.

Other elementary schools carry out maintenance and repair work on water supply and sewage networks, roofs, facades and firewalls. These works are estimated at approximately 145 thousand euros.

Besides, works related to energy rehabilitation are being completed in several kindergartens and schools.