A New Dictionary Website Is Available

A new dictionary website is available at, which is designed to help students in the learning process. This is an ordered list of online dictionaries with Slovenian as one of the offered languages. Besides links to dictionaries and advanced search by name, author, industry and language, the website also provides basic information about dictionaries.

The website is an outcome of the Digitization and Availability of Vocabulary Resources project led by Prof. Dr Mojca Kompara Lukančič from the University of Maribor. The project partners are the University of Primorska (the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technology) and the Amebis Company. The project was implemented as part of the open tender for co-financing of projects aimed at promoting and improving the image of the Slovenian language in linguistic resources, technologies and digitization in 2018 and 2019 (JR-Promocija SJ-2018-2019). The Ministry of Culture took part in financing the project.

At the moment, the new website is focused only on dictionary sources, therefore it does not contain information about other linguistic resources and tools.