Pohorje Style Potato Mush (Žganci)

An old dish of Slovenian cuisine.


  1. 1.2 l water,
  2. 3 large potatoes,
  3. salt,
  4. 600 g flower,
  5. bacon crisps.


Pour water into a deep saucepan. Add the peeled and diced potatoes, salt abundantly and put on fire. When the potatoes are cooked, add flour to the water to form a hill protruding from the water (a kind of a floating pyramid). Double-insert meat forks into the flower hill formed in water to form 3 holes. If you do not have such forks, you can use the handle of a kitchen spoon. Put the saucepan on the fire again. Cook over low heat for 20 minutes observing that the mixture does not pour over the edges of the pan. Flour may come out of the water, but that is normal.

After 25 minutes of cooking, remove the pan from the fire. Water will remain under the flour hill. Drain the water into a separate bowl. This can be done with the help of meat forks or common forks. Use the forks to carefully hold the flour hill, and gently tilt the pan to drain the excess water into a separate bowl, which then needs to be set aside.

Knead the ingredients left in the saucepan with a large wooden spoon to form small pieces—žganci. If necessary, in case the mixture has parts of dry flour, you can add the previously drained water from the bowl. Each time add one teaspoonful not to overdose. Žganci should not be too wet or too soft.

As soon as everything is well mixed and the mixture does not have dry flour, use a fork to divide the mass into large pieces, then to form žganci. Put them into a large bowl, decorate with bacon crisps and serve to the table.

Source: kulinarika.net