2ТМ Takes Part in the Fair of Higher Educational Institutions for School Leavers and Their Parents in Kharkiv

On Friday, 22 February, employees of the Kharkiv 2TM office took part in the Fair of Higher Education Institutions for School Leavers and Their Parents. The event under the motto “I Choose the Future” was held in the Kharkiv School No. 162.

The meeting was held in the Speaking Club format as the Head of the 2TM regional office in Kharkiv, Tatiana Sorokina, says. The event was attended by representatives of nine leading universities in Kharkiv, educational agencies, such as 2TM, Student Travel, Stage Up, Euro Study, as well as about 200 school leavers, their parents and teachers. Participants of the meeting discussed the problems of school leavers choosing the options for further education, the benefits of studying in different countries and modern requirements for admission.

Photo: © 2TM d.o.o.

The trend today is that more and more graduates of Ukrainian schools are leaving to study abroad. At the same time, school leavers are very serious in their choice of university and country of study. In the course of communication, children shared with us the criteria of highest importance for them. Namely, the prestige of the institution, the level of practical training of specialists; the level of the obtained diploma importance for serious employers, as well as the standard of living in the country of studies,” says Tatiana Sorokina.

During the event, representatives of Kharkiv universities provided pupils with information about training courses for external independent testing, training in various study programmes, and double-degree programmes. In turn, representatives of educational agencies spoke about themselves and the educational services they provide, discussing the benefits of studying in Canada, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovenia.

Photo: © 2TM d.o.o.

In particular, we drew the attention of future applicants to obtaining a European diploma in Slovenia, practice-oriented study programmes of Slovenian educational institutions, a fairly easy adaptation of our students in Slovenia, their ability to work during their studies, as well as employment prospects in the future,” the representative of 2TM says.

It should be added that the universities and colleges of Slovenia are currently receiving applications for the first round of admission. The admission for the Bachelor’s degree programmes at the universities of Ljubljana and Maribor lasts until 19 April, at the University of Primorska – until 24 May, at the University of Nova Gorica – until 30 March. The first round of admission to Slovenian colleges is even shorter – until 18 March. We recommend that applicants use this time efficiently! 2TM experts can provide the detailed information about all issues related to the process of enrolment in the universities and colleges of Slovenia. Please, address your questions to us through a special form on our website.