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2TM represents and actively promotes Slovakia’s higher education institutions. The offer of study programs is based on the areas for which we receive the most demand. Currently, therefore, you can choose between the programs of General Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy and Management. We are constantly upgrading our offer and more study areas will be available to you soon.

Choosing a university to study, and where, is a life changing decision. And 2TM can play an important role in students’ future success. Our expert consultants for the past six years have assisted hundreds of students from all over the world to successfully enroll in the higher education institutions.

Guided with our knowledge, experience, and our ties with the higher education industry, we work with students to navigate and simplify the admission process, point them in a meaningful direction, and ensure a 100% safe enrollment. Together, with the student, we choose an educational institution based on their needs, ambition, and financial possibilities, and appropriately gear them towards career success.

Our affiliations to the higher education field provides us with extensive insight into context and trends that impact university related decisions, and as result we know how the higher education institutions approach admission process and we know why students achieve successful enrollment.

How we do it?

Working with us means, the only thing you are left with is coming to Slovakia at the beginning of your academic year*. We take care of everything else:


You set consultation and choose one of our packages.


We perform a profile analysis with the aim to understand your needs and priorities.


We provide you with comprehensive information on proposed institution, programm, and admission requirements.


We run preliminary check of your documentation.


We submit application form for entrance exams in your name.


We provide you with study material and enroll you in entrance exam preparatory course (optional).


We accurately submit your documentation for enrollment.


We prepare and submit timely all documentations necessary for the process of admission.


We oversee your study application so you can focus on living your life.


We provide you with regular feedback on your application process.


We solve all administrative issues and bureaucracy, and provide you with the after-arrival support in the country.


We organize, if necessary, a preparatory English language course prior to your start of study.


We carry out the application for your residency permit (student visa).


You start with your studies!

*In case of choosing a study program with entrance exams, you come to Slovakia to take the exam.

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