2TM Holds the Open Door Day in Ljubljana

On 15–16 February 2019, the Open Door Day was held in the Ljubljana office of the 2TM Company at 106, Dunajska Cesta. Future students from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia visited the company. Some of them have already decided upon the educational institution and a specific study programme. At the same time, among our guests were those who have not yet made a choice. Regardless of this, all visitors of the Open Door Day were interested in the issues of providing student benefits, dormitories, the nuances of this year’s enrolment campaign, and everything related to student life in Slovenia. As for the study programmes, the degrees in Economics and Management, Psychology, Information Technology and Medicine caused the greatest interest among the guests.

During the event, our guests received a large amount of competent information, which we hope will help them soon make the right choice of their professional path. We remind you that since 12 February 2019, the first round of submitting applications has been started at the universities and colleges of Slovenia. We are waiting for everyone in our office.

Good luck to applicants!