2ТМ Enrols Students in Language Courses in Slovenia

The 2TM Company offers foreign students, who have been admitted to an educational institution in Slovenia, to attend language courses. The language courses will help students master the Slovenian language at a level, at which they would fully perceive study material, communicate with fellow students and teachers, feel comfortable in both learning and usual life.

Our experts will select for each client courses of optimal duration with the preferred form of training and will provide the necessary documentary support for traveling to Slovenia. In addition, on an individual request, we can also offer a programme for adult attendants.

Important: 2ТМ cooperates only with accredited teachers and language schools, therefore the quality of training is guaranteed.

To enrol in the courses, please leave an application on the 2ТМ website under the Education/Slovenian Language Courses section. Our managers will be in touch with you.

Learn Slovenian with 2TM!

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