24 Million Euros to Support Farms in Slovenia

To support the country’s farmers and carry out reclamations, the Ministry of Agriculture of Slovenia announced three grant contests with a total value of 24 million euros.

Two of these contests are aimed at supporting farmers in 2017. The first one is intended to support agriculture in mountainous areas and the second — to promote organic food production. 12 million euros have been allocated for this purpose.

The first package of grants for a total of 8 million euros focuses on the technological modernization of the cattle-breeding complexes. The Government also provides grants for the maintenance of septic tanks and water treatment facilities, for the care of perennial crop plantations, for the protection against hail and attacks of wild animals, as well as for the purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment.

The second package of grants for a total of 4 million euros is designed to support organic agriculture in Slovenia. The main objectives of the subsidies are identical to those for the mountainous municipalities.

Applications Are Accepted from 19 December

Beneficiaries can register an online application from 19 December 2016 through 1 March 2017 for the first contest, or through 8 March 2017 for the second contest.

At the third contest totalling 12 million euros, the farmers will be able to compete for the infrastructure grants related to the development, modernization and optimization of agriculture and forestry. The grant is aimed at carrying out the land reclamation in accordance with the rules of agricultural land maintenance.

Electronic registration and filing of applications will take place from 19 December 2016 through 10 March 2017.

The declared open tendering procedures provide beneficiaries with a possibility of obtaining monetary grants from the European Fund for Rural Development and subsidies from the state budget.

Investors may also qualify for a contribution in kind, such as personal work and materials, for example wood from their own forests. The support can be provided for those investment projects that emerged after the application for participation in the open contest, and the total expenditures or the purchase of agricultural land, which took place after 1 January 2014.

Source: delo.si