The 140th Anniversary of the Slovenian Candy Brand Šumi

The most famous Slovenian candy brand Šumi marks its 140th anniversary. In honour of this event, the Žito and the Podravka companies together with the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum prepared a special exhibition “Šumi — 140 Years: Candies of All Generations” (“Šumi 140 let: Bonboni vseh generacij”). The exhibition will be open to visitors of the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum until 17 January. It will introduce the history of the first and only Slovenian candy factory.

It originates from Ljubljana. Today the Production Runs in Krško

The history of the Šumi brand began in 1876, when Franc and Josipina Šumi opened a pastry shop in the Congress square in Ljubljana. Then they manually produced different kinds of sweets, chocolate, biscuits, jam, cooked raspberry juice and other sweets. According to the speakers of the yesterday’s ceremony, the manual labour was automated only in 1964.

“It Was Always Considered a Leading Company”

In 1923, the Company employed 30 workers who produced about 400 tons of confectionery and sweets per year. Today Šumi produces 700 million sweets, which are exported to 41 countries around the world.

The exhibition was prepared by Adela Pukl and Miha Špiček from the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum. The organizers demonstrated a variety of items, packaging, documentaries, and advertisements in newspapers and on television.

A Chandelier of More than 4,000 Candies

A curious fact: if a man wanted to eat all the candies manufactured in the Šumi Company, he would have to eat 100 chocolates a day and live 19,000 years. “If you put 700 million chocolates one after the other, which is the annual production capacity, the result will be a snake of 21,000 kilometres in length.”

One of the original exhibits was the chandelier made from candies. Its production involved 4,500 Šumi candies and it weighs 27 kg. It was designed by 11 people who were “embroidering” it for 45 hours.